Think it's all teeny-weenies and chaps with baps?


While Miami is undeniably the gateway to Latin America and doorbitch to hedonism, there's plenty more under that big blue sky than first meets the eye. 

Ladies, skimp on quantity, not quality when it comes to dressing, and gents, look sharp, but ditch the tie.

Balmy Dec-Apr is a whirlwind of people and parties. Hot, moist and blowy hurricane season hits Jun-Nov, crowds depart, businesses close or cut hours – sanity prevails.

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Meet the Editor: Valeria Avirett, Miami

Nicaraguan-born Miamian Valeria shares her favourite eats, shops and hangs in pastel deco wonderland.

A phrase you will definitely hear:

Sorry, the sunbeds are all reserved : 

Honey, you’ve got more bush than Australia, ever heard of wax...?