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Living in, or visiting a mile-a-minute city like Hong Kong with kids can be a challenge for even the most experienced of parents or avid travellers, and while the ideal family trip means happy kids and calm parentals, at LUXE we know it can all too easily turn into frazzled Mums, fraught Dads, spat dummies, and tears before bedtime all round. Cue Little LUXE, the series of city guides designed in partnership with for the smart but busy family, everything you need, nothing you don't, and all in one handy little pocket-sized miracle. Cool kids + calm parents = happy times!

Want to check into the city’s finest family friendly hotels? Want mouth-watering cuisine that will please young and old in any occasion? Want to hike through Hong Kong’s luscious greenery or enjoy its fun parks? Want to discover hidden beaches and explore its unique outlying islands? Want everything from the outdoors to rainy day activities to keep the kids entertained? Want services and hidden treats that you simply won’t find anywhere else? Want to find adorable outfits, maternity wear, must have toys and baby essentials?

Little LUXE Hong Kong. How to Go Glam with the Fam!  

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